We Remove Barriers Between Technology And People

Removing Barriers

Our Mission - Success in a Digital Age

At StringCan, we have a deep belief that technology makes people’s lives better, solves problems, and helps companies achieve their goals. The challenge many companies face is leveraging the correct technology for the people they aim to serve. This is where we excel.

At StringCan we are focused on removing barriers between technology and people at three levels: 




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Technology Eco-System

To be able to remove barriers between people and technology we believe we have to deeply understand how new technologies are developing and the people who are creating them. This takes a number of forms ranging from collaboration with massive technology companies like IBM and Cisco to hosting and coaching at startup pitch competitions, hackathons and events. 

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Some of our Clients

CASE STUDY - BNP Paribas OpenUp Platform 

 Connecting startups to Project managers around business opportunities, there’s an app for that!

BNP Paribas OpenUp

BNP Paribas’ Mission     
The mission of the OpenUp Platform is to connect BNP Paribas employees working on innovation with startups worldwide. The OpenUp platform is a groundbreaking approach by a multi-national company to connect with a global startup community on an open transparent digital platform.

In an effort to take an international approach and to ensure that the platform met the needs of startups, BNP Paribas Paris began working with StringCan team to build the OpenUp platform. From the beginning of the OpenUp project, StringCan has managed the technology platform including project management, ideation, alfa and beta testing, product launch, and marketing.

You can see a demo of the OpenUp app on stage at the FinTech conference SPEND as StringCan’s own Jason present the app alongside BNP Paribas.


We are always looking for force multipliers and we believe that partnerships allow us to expand our efforts to support our clients in growing their business in a digital economy.